Having a Wood Slat Ceiling

Aug 5th

Wood slat ceiling – Wood ceiling Is very common type of wood ceiling beams in wood paneled ceiling with coffered patterns between them. It looks good, and works fine on the vaulted ceilings or ceiling of the Cathedral. Maybe you have a popcorn finish on a flat ceiling, or plaster ceiling, and it is not enough to just do it for you. Wood paneling is a great way to cover it up, to avoid any further work to remove it before putting the new finish on your ceiling. If your room rectangle, you can use a bead Board or wood panels, running the beads or the Groove against the shorter. This will create the illusion that the room is more like a square instead of rectangular. Another option is to use a wood floor in the same way.

Unfinished Wood Slat Ceiling
Unfinished Wood Slat Ceiling

The appearance of the timber frame will be looking more rural (or country), and a lot cheaper and easier to obtain than covering the entire ceiling with wooden panels or plates. This involves installing the beams crossing pattern to create a “box” around the ceiling. Solid wood slat ceiling can be installed as a tongue and Groove panel or Board of Directors. Each wood ceiling can be stained to any color you want and will take custom touch to the room. Wood veneer usually have a core with a thin sheet (1/32 “thick) wood on the side is finished. This product will be cheaper than solid wood, and can still look beautiful.

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You have the option to stain or wood panel paintings. Wood veneer and solid wood looks best from a stained or covered. This creates a more natural look, while causing the character Panel eyes and stand out more. Wood slat ceiling panels provide a range of design. Leaving it with framing ceiling with crown molding or create decorative motifs on the ceiling with mold. Due to the size of the Panel, it is better to have a helper during installation. Opaque stains and acrylic latex paint over the primer that can be used to achieve a variety of looks. Stain allows the wood grain to show through, but the paint is more durable. Try to imagine off white mold around the crimson-painted panels.

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