Thursday, February 28, 2013

Things I've Come To Realize...

Lately I've been seeing things differently. Or maybe it's just that I'm paying closer attention. I honestly don't know, but I've made a few discoveries lately:

1) I prefer pink Himalayan sea salt. Why? I don't know. It doesn't taste any different. But it's pretty.

2) I'm pretty sure Teagan was a homeless bag lady in her past life. She wants to go barefoot, wear the most random articles of clothing, and is always asking us for change which she keeps in a sock. And don't think that she didn't go to the store dressed like this... because she did. I lost that argument.

3) Parker really likes to wear Teagans clothes. Like... a lot! I never noticed how much he is in her clothing but the other day he came downstairs like this.... and I thought... "Geez! He really is ALWAYS wearing her stuff!"

4) Claire, my Weimaraner is "special". Like, I'm pretty sure she was dropped on her head at birth. She can't swim. Like, at all. Sinks right to the bottom. And while working in the yard the other day this damn dog tries to jump clear across the pool like a magical unicorn and lands smack dab in the middle, immediately drowning. So of course, I have to jump into a 50 degree pool, fully clothed, iphone in pocket, and rescue a 100 lb dog.

5) I always have my sunglasses on. James is always pointing it out but I've never really paid much attention until I woke up this morning with my sunglasses still on my head? Yeah... totally clueless.

So as of late... things like this made me realize that not only am I weird, but so are my kids... and dogs. This is a family of complete weirdness!


  1. OMG! Hilarious! I loved this post! And the fact that it made me realize that I NEED pink salt! Gonna have to go hunt that stuff down...

  2. Hahaha this is so great!! I happen to like T's outfit. I think it's the house shoes that really make it work. lol
    Love those kiddos.

  3. Love the outfit! And the sunglasses...I am guilty as well :) I think weird may be the new normal!


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