Thursday, March 21, 2013


Hey friends! Just a quick post... 

I am no longer going to be selling the It Works Skinny Wraps and wellness products! I have become super busy with the kids and creating custom logos lately, and It Works just doesn't have my full attention! 

I do however have a ton of product that I am needing to get rid of:) 

Typically a box of Skinny Wraps sells for $99 retail or $59 as a loyal (which is a membership and an autoship). 

I am selling boxes for $59 without the autoship and member ship with $5.00 flat rate (2-day shipping)

So... You can score an awesome box of amazing skinny wraps for $59 with no membership or any shipping charges. That's FOUR wraps for $59, $40 less than retail! Nearly 50%! 

You can also purchase single wraps for $20/each, if you so desire! 

If you want some product, just shoot me an email at: 



Thursday, February 28, 2013

Things I've Come To Realize...

Lately I've been seeing things differently. Or maybe it's just that I'm paying closer attention. I honestly don't know, but I've made a few discoveries lately:

1) I prefer pink Himalayan sea salt. Why? I don't know. It doesn't taste any different. But it's pretty.

2) I'm pretty sure Teagan was a homeless bag lady in her past life. She wants to go barefoot, wear the most random articles of clothing, and is always asking us for change which she keeps in a sock. And don't think that she didn't go to the store dressed like this... because she did. I lost that argument.

3) Parker really likes to wear Teagans clothes. Like... a lot! I never noticed how much he is in her clothing but the other day he came downstairs like this.... and I thought... "Geez! He really is ALWAYS wearing her stuff!"

4) Claire, my Weimaraner is "special". Like, I'm pretty sure she was dropped on her head at birth. She can't swim. Like, at all. Sinks right to the bottom. And while working in the yard the other day this damn dog tries to jump clear across the pool like a magical unicorn and lands smack dab in the middle, immediately drowning. So of course, I have to jump into a 50 degree pool, fully clothed, iphone in pocket, and rescue a 100 lb dog.

5) I always have my sunglasses on. James is always pointing it out but I've never really paid much attention until I woke up this morning with my sunglasses still on my head? Yeah... totally clueless.

So as of late... things like this made me realize that not only am I weird, but so are my kids... and dogs. This is a family of complete weirdness!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

No worries... I'm alive.

It's official. I have fallen off the blogging train. I really don't have any excuses other than I am tired. Really-Really-Really tired. Having a husband on business for a month was brutal. My house was turned upside down, schedules were off, we ate junk food and take out the entire time, and I'm just now getting back into our typical routine. It's been a mad house around these parts. Seriously. 

I do however, have something exciting to tell y'all! I have had a really busy couple weeks in the design world. I've had several custom logo orders which is amazing. So excited about that! AND I officially opened up an Etsy Shop! YAY! You can find me over at...

I am still trying to stock the shop with pre-made logos at the moment... but I'm getting there. I can only do so many a day without my eyeballs bleeding from staring at a screen for hours on end. But opening a business takes time, I know that... therefore I'm not rushing things! Just taking it easy and letting it all fall into place on it's own. 

But I would love for you to check out the shop and follow along if you would! I'm super proud of it, and I hope to make 100's of beautiful logos and designs in the near future. 

Not only will I be doing logos, but Blogger designs as well. It's just going to take a bit for me to get it all stocked up and full of amazing designs! So if any of you are looking for a logo for your business, blog, or shop... let me know! I'm offering my readers 30% off of a Custom Logo Design or Premade Custom Logo using Promocode: HOMEPAYGELOVE. 

Hope to see you following my new shop over at Etsy. com! 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Apologies and Candy Coma....

First off, I'd like to say I'm sorry for being completely MIA lately. With James traveling non-stop I literally don't have time to bathe, eat, or relax much less blog. Hopefully he will be returning home sooner rather than lately because I can say two things: 

1) I'm tired and need a break. 
2) These kids are driving me absolutely bat-shit-cray-cray! 

Being gone on business for a few days, cool. I can handle that. Being gone for 3 weeks? Ummm, yeah. Not so much. I'm pretty much ready to pull my hair out. So this is me apologizing for not being around. Surely some of you missed me, right? Ha!

Anyways... onto the post... 

Today was not only my fourth wedding anniversary (which of course James missed) but it was also the kids Valentines Parties at school. Because I'm mom of the year and totally forgot about it, I was that crazy lady in CVS at 7:30 am buying Valentines and labeling them all in the car while my kids ate Cheerios in the back seat. Yeah, go me. Needless to say they had a blast at their little parties and brought home a mother load of goodies. After dinner they were allowed ONE piece of candy and off to bed they went. 

So around 9:30 I realized I was starving. Literally. Like, my stomach was screaming at me, LOUDLY. Then I remembered that not only have I still not showered, but I haven't eaten anything ALL day. Ugh. But at 9:30 and after a day of running around, cleaning house, and chasing children I so did not want to cook. Dragging my ass off the couch and slowly making it to the kitchen I saw it... there it was.... the candy! 

I mean, it was right there. It doesn't take any cooking or heating or putting together. All it requires is unwrapping and eating. THAT I can manage. So yes... I ate candy for dinner. And it was AWESOME! It really blows my mind how things have changed from when I was little and had V-day parties at school. Back in the day we had little shoe-boxes turned into Valentines mailboxes that would get stuffed with small paper cards and the occasional Sweet Hearts candy. But now a days? These kids get AWESOME candy! 

Pop Rocks? SCORE! I had a little TOO much fun sitting here eating packages of Pop Rocks. I mean, who doesn't love Pop Rocks? Seriously. 

Cake Pops? Really? Don't mind if I do! And yes, it was awesome. 

Of course I am more than positive that my kids are going to shit a brick tomorrow when they discover that half their stash is missing but it was worth it. Lifetime movies and a giant pile of awesome candy was worth the wrath of a five and two year old. And if need be, I can blame it on the dogs. That always works. 

But aside from the candy coma I'm currently in, and besides the fact that my husband is not only missing our anniversary today but Valentines tomorrow I still received the sweetest gift from the most handsome Valentine in the entire world today. He even asked me to be his Valentine and yes, I cried like a baby. I'm going to cherish these little handmade gifts forever. These sweet, obnoxious, annoying, and incredibly perfect children of mine are the best, most important Valentines a girl could ever want. Not to mention they bring home cool candy so they get brownie points for that too! 

Happy Valentine's Day, Y'all!